This is a selection of portraits I took which were published in Nylon, Nylon Guys, and Vice between 2008-2011. They were part of a regular travel feature that sent me to various locales such as Berlin, Lisbon, Malmo, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, Lima, Austin, and Beijing to capture the most new and exciting artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives in each of these cities.

Due to the nature of the assignment, all these photographs were taken using only natural light or with an on-camera flash; no other lighting equipment was used. The location of each shoot was decided based on whatever environment was available nearby.

Director of Appetite Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Isla De Los Estados (band), Buenos Aires, Argentina
Antonio Zelada (musician) of Resplandor, Lima, Peru Gaby & The Guns (band), Malmo, Sweden Zip Zip (DJ duo), Buenos Aires, Argentina Ignacio Cattaneo (of the streetwear brand Revolver), Buenos Aires, Argentina CEO of Estamos Felices (record label), Buenos Aires, Argentina Joao Villanova (artist), Lisbon, Portugal Martin Mercado of Estamos Felices (record label), Buenos Aires, Argentina Banda De Turistas (band), Buenos Aires, Argentina Hiroshi Mori (artist), Berlin, Germany The Black Angels (band), Austin, Texas The Black Angels (band), Austin, Texas DPCH (graphic designers), Lima, Peru Augustina Leal, Buenos Aires, Argentina Gualicho (graffiti artist), Buenos Aires, Argentina DJ KAOS, Berlin, Germany
Velasquez (musician), Lisbon, Portugal Giana Factory (band), Copenhagen, Denmark
Lars and the Hands of Light (band), Copenhagen, Denmark AIDS 3-D (artists), Berlin, Germany Turbopatamos (band), Lima, Peru A.R. (owner of Revolution Vintage), Lima, Peru
M.U.S.C.L.E.S. (DJ), Austin, Texas
Bad Boy Orange (DJ), Buenos Aires, Argentina 223 (artist), Beijing, China Oh No Ono (band), Copenhagen, Denmark Harlem (band), Austin, Texas Henrik Vibskov (fashion designer), Copenhagen, Denmark